Solutions for People Who Hate to Move

Finding a new home is much cause for celebration. After weeks of open houses, negotiations and lining up financing, you breathe a sigh of relief knowing you have a new place to live. The euphoria can rapidly evaporate when you start considering all the work it is going to take to get you and your belongings from where you are to where you are going. When you were a student, moving might have meant calling your friends, renting a U-Haul and ordering pizzas for the crew. But if you have been in your current location for some time and have accumulated furniture, décor, tools, wardrobe, sports equipment and the like, the job grows in complexity, especially if you also have to prepare your current real estate for market.


Don’t Let Your Stuff Prevent You from Moving

You and your family may be looking around asking “Where do I begin?”  As organizing and downsizing professionals this is a question we hear all the time. If you need some expert advice about downsizing and moving, Good Riddance’s transition services will suit you perfectly.    Experience the difference in moving with the support of professional move managers.

  • Good Riddance provides a step-by-step plan, hands-on support and access to trusted suppliers, so that you are organized to move
  • We assist you and sort through your belongings, so that when you move, your new home will be right-sized for the people you are today
  • Our team works at the direction of your realtor to declutter and stage for the sale of the property
  • We provide you with options for disposal and distribution of extra possessions
  • We take care of the logistics from booking the elevator to arranging for cleaning
  • If your excess belongings cannot be sold, we arrange to donate them to local non-profits
  • Forget about trawling the supermarkets and liquor stores for boxes. We furnish all the supplies to ensure all of your precious cargo arrives labelled and in perfect condition
  • Our movers treat your stuff as if it were their own
  • We pack efficiently. This saves you money by shaving time off the duration of the move
  • Our organizers help you design a floor-plan, taking out the guesswork regarding what to take with you
  • We can connect you with shredding companies, junk removers, non-profits, appraisers, handymen, photo digitizing companies, realtors, mortgage brokers, stagers, auction houses and consignment stores. Finding those resources on your own is a hit and miss, time consuming process. You will have enough to do already

The Downsizer’s Dilemma

Now I think that I’ll be moving to a condo
And the floorplan shows the rooms as rather small
Yes I know I must decide
What I can fit inside
That’s all, that’s all?

There are those who have told me, forget it
Don’t downsize. Just move all that you own
All I’d need are 15 storage lockers
And a bank that would float me a loan

There’s the bedroom suite with 7 matching pieces
And the breakfront that goes up against the wall
But if they are gonna fit
There’ll be no place to sit
That’s all, that’s all?

There are those who will doubt I can do it
Squeeze 10 rooms full of stuff into 3
But unless I can keep my possessions
I’m afraid I just wouldn’t be me

If you think that I am destined to be crowded
That the things I love still hold me in their thrall
I’ll give them to Sally Ann
And not the moving van
That’s all, that’s all

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