Residential Organizing – It Gets Worse Before it Gets Better

There are so many good reasons to downsize and declutter. Navigating your apartment via a series of narrow canyons flanked by dangerously teetering piles of books and dirty silverware poses unnecessary risk of injury. Having no place to sit can’t be good your social life either.  More importantly, ridding yourself of the unwanted, allows you to create space for the desirable.

Decluttering is by its very nature, disruptive. At Good Riddance, we warn clients that when they start, it may get worse, before it gets better. Therefore, we restrict our operations to one area, category or room before moving on to the next. We understand that you must live there while this is happening. Our aim is to minimize the chaos. Each tamed drawer or shelf represents victory.

De-cluttering isn’t something you do once and then it is over. It is a new habit to incorporate on an ongoing basis. Once your current clutter backlog is gone, you need to commit to new behaviors like returning things to their permanent homes, learning to say “no” when people want to give you their castoffs and buying only as much as your home can physically handle, (without adding a new wing).

Solutions for People with No Time

Spring forward. Don’t fall back

How do you stay organized when you are constantly in orbit? Does every clear surface in your home attract a pile because you don’t have the time to deal with it? Are all your projects in a state of suspended animation because you are so busy you don’t even have a second to devote to them? Everything you own demands some degree of time and attention. Every age, from infancy to the “golden” years, has its accompanying possessions to manage. For parents, managing all the toys, laundry, activities and homework often results in overwhelm. If you are in mid-life, actively working, caregiving and volunteering, you don’t need us to tell you that time is your scarcest resource.

We help clients with low maintenance organizing that give you back your time, by implementing simple, functional strategies and systems to control clutter. Good Riddance views the de-cluttering process as a sustainable practice. Our organizing solutions focus on reduction, re-use, recycling, and making the best use of your existing storage capabilities. So why wait? Book your Clutter Scene Investigation (CSI) consultation today. It’s not about having time. Its making time.

Solutions for People Who Procrastinate

I won’t purge. Go through it. Got no urge. Can’t do it

If every time you get the urge to declutter, you lie down until the feeling passes, then chances are you are a citizen of the largest nation on earth – procrastination. While it may be of some comfort to know, you are not alone, getting help from organizing professionals is a proven antidote to debilitating avoidance. Procrastinators may have great plans for re-purposing rooms or cleaning up their living spaces but they just don’t know where to start. They may not have the means to dispose of surplus possessions. They may have never learned the tricks and how-to methods that allow their friends and colleagues to maintain more organized homes. 

Enter Good Riddance. We may not qualify as divine intervention, but we are the next best thing. Not only does our team guide you through the organizing process but we make sure you stay motivated, focused and accountable. With the Good Riddance team as your personal support system your unfiled paperwork, unfinished projects, unreturned library books and excuses that accompany them end their tyrannical reigns. Don’t put t off until tomorrow. Book your Clutter Scene Investigation (CSI) consultation today. Your couch will still be there for a well-deserved rest, minus the clutter.

Solutions for Loss Prevention 

Put stuff back, pay attention and you’ll improve your retention.

Have you been playing hide and seek with your stuff for your entire life?  Do you envy people who can stay on top of their belongings and avoid the anguish of chronic loss?  Do you suspect that their DNA molecules are programmed differently from your own? No matter how much you try, things manage to vanish into thin air. Misplacing things automatically propels you into meaningless and directionless activity in pursuit of the lost objects. 

As professional organizers, Good Riddance works with overwrought clients, who unable to end the cycle, continue to form search parties without results. During de-cluttering we often recover documents, cash, mementos and treasures that have remained unseen for decades. Our grateful clients remark that they had completely forgotten their existence or believed they were gone forever. Moreover, our team helps you identify which items are most likely to disappear, discover where you are apt to find them and create permanent locations for those wanderers that are properly labelled for instant retrieval. If you are truly tired of wasting approximately 55 minutes a day on the hunt and spending hard earned dollars on replacement, then Book your Clutter Scene Investigation (CSI) consultation today. What have you got to lose?

Solutions for People Who Keep Too Much

Underneath all that, lies my spare bedroom.

How do you describe of yourself?  Are you a “packrat”, “comprehensive collector” or an “unapologetic shopaholic”? Has your clutter-free area been marginalized to square footage of a single wall socket? No matter what you call the behavior it all amounts to living with more than you can manage. Different life stages present their own unique clutter challenges. The scooters, Hot Wheels and stuffed animals so common to the households of young families, in the middle years get scrunched in with a glut of obsolete consumer technology and cabinets stocked with gourmet cooking ingredients. Later, in mid-life you could be counting yourself among those balancing the needs of family and older parents. What will you do when you inherit excess furniture and family memorabilia? If you do not regularly pitch the remnants of your earlier existence, you may precipitate a full-blown space crisis that sends you scouring the real estate section in search of larger quarters to house your material assets.

Unfortunately, one big garage sale is not going to do it. Good Riddance’s professional organizers can help prepare you for the expected and unexpected changes life brings.  We ensure that the belongings you keep make sense for the person you are today. Take back your living space. Book your Clutter Scene Investigation (CSI) consultation today. Keep in mind, the floor is not a storage area.

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