Testimonials from Inanimate Objects

“ I was imprisoned in a wrong folder so long my ink is fading. Instead of being with the tax documents where I belonged, I was stuck in with maps and travel brochures of which I have nothing in common. I was so lonely I prayed that someone would shred me to end my misery. When Good Riddance came in to help with the paperwork, my nightmare ended. Now I am on the way to the accountant. Perhaps my owner will get the refund she deserves. Good Riddance was a godsend.”

An missing receipt

“ I can’t tell you what a joy and relief it has been since I have been re-united with my mate. I am a single earring. I have been sitting in a jewelry box for decades ever since my counterpart disappeared. The Good Riddance team located my long-lost twin when they decluttered our owner’s apartment. Looking forward to a second life on her earlobes. Thank you Good Riddance.”

A lonely pearl and garnet earring

“ I have a confession. In a former life, I used to be a junk drawer. I was so full of random debris it took a chisel to get me open. Bottle caps, train schedules, take-our menus, fast food outlet toys, toothpicks, loose change, balloons, batteries – you name it. They all lived in there in one enormous jumble. Then Good Riddance came. I can now proudly display my innards. They reduced the contents to a reasonable level. Everything is categorized and contained and visible. And easily found.”

A grateful kitchen drawer

“ My fellow sweaters and I constituted an avalanche zone for the longest time. We were placed in teetering piles on the top shelf of a large closet. Every time a household member reached for one of us, we all wound up in a heap on the floor. Believe me, falling from a height of 6 feet on a regular basis is no fun. Sometimes we weren’t picked up for months, left to cavort with slippers and smelly running shoes. When Good Riddance arrived they placed us in clear containers. Some of us moved to the dresser. Others went to charity. The unruly closet has been tamed.”

A cashmere sweater who prefers to remain anonymous

“ Just because we are inanimate objects, don’t assume we don’t have feelings. You probably would never notice me because I am just a box: a box who remained unopened for the last 3 moves. New stuff came in all the time, but the only time I received so much as a glance was when the moving truck appeared to take me to the next home. As if they heard my plea, Good Riddance came to the rescue and swiftly worked with my owners to explore the inherited china and other heirlooms contained within my dusty cardboard walls. They helped my owners figure out what they wanted to display, and where they could find good homes for less treasured items by donating or selling. My work is done. Off to recycling for reincarnation.”

A crushed box

What they say about us

“I wanted to express my most sincere and heartfelt thanks to both of you for being so kind and helpful and for doing such a great job with my brother-in-law’s move.  This was a very difficult task and a real challenge.  Not only could I not be present (due to my own health issues) but many unexpected issues constantly arose during his transition to assisted care.  You both always had suggestions and solutions and calmly helped me understand his situation so I could make necessary decisions on his behalf.  Along with your professional expertise you were always so kind, warm and supportive to me throughout this experience.  I will be forever grateful.”

Jackie E., Richmond

“Calling you and engaging your services was one of the best decisions I’ve made in the last few years.  I was so delighted to work with you.  You were an absolute blessing. We’ve accomplished so much in the months working together.  Though there is still some work to be done I can clearly see the light at the end of the tunnel.”

Sue H.,Coquitlam

“Thank you for your professional service with regard to the clean-up of our basement. You made the job so much easier than I ever imagined.  You are very easy to work with and kept me on track with decision making”

Sheila T, Vancouver

“It was a lot of work but it was also fun saying goodbye to my cherished possessions”

Lisa E, Richmond

“Thank you for everything also and thank you for hanging in there with me.  This is a job that requires more than just physical labor and one that requires diplomacy, tact, patience, energy, and knowing just what to say when.  You have all of these and more but I think the personal rewards for you are greater than more knowing you have taken a person on more than just a move from A to B but a personal growth spurt from A to Z”

Mike K, Surrey

“We are doing better on the paper, and it sure does feel good to have it better organized”

Jeannie S, Vancouver

“We are thinking of listing our house sooner rather than later so it is a good thing we are much more organized thanks to you and all your work with me”

Barbara M, North Vancouver

“Thanks again for helping me get on the path. You really did set the foundation for all the other work that needed doing”

Susan B, Vancouver

“I am sitting here actually writing this on the surface of my desk which has been unearthed, thanks to you. The most important thing you have done is give me hope that clutter does not have to overtake my life and it was not as scary as I thought. You are a pleasure to work with”

Sybil F, Vancouver

“Having you come help was well worth it. Thanks for being so focused!”

Janet P, Coquitlam

“A couple of months ago we had Susan and a couple of girls out to our home to help with the “good riddance” of some of our stuff.  They did a fabulous job and I said I would let them know how the sale of our house went.

I am happy to report that we were able to sell our house for well over market value and have now moved.  We are now in a 2 bedroom place (mobile home) in a gated community.  We still have lots of boxes – going from 5 bedrooms to 2, 3 bathrooms to 1, etc. has been a bit of a challenge but we are extremely happy.  We are now mortgage free and that is the biggest bonus.

I want to thank you all for the hard work that you did for us.  You were, I think, instrumental in us being able to get the amount we wanted for our house”

Sandy & Pat Bateman

“In the end I have to say that Susan’s work was priceless, she held my hand and guided me through a very difficult period of my dad’s and my life and helped us literally to move on”

Rita S, New Westminster

“Just a short note to thank you both for your help on Monday. I am so glad to put this behind me & with your help it sure sped the whole process up”

Jamie D, Burnaby

“Thank you for coordinating my move so smoothly. Rachelle and Carole did a first rate job. Hopefully that will be the last move for a long time. My tolerance of stress is too low!”

Duane Long

“Thank you for suggesting senior housing facilities in Burnaby.  It was incredibly helpful.  It was a pleasure, as well, to hear the positive  comments and high regard in which you are held by the communities with which you work. I feel I have a solid start in finding a community for my mom as we make the move from West Kelowna to Vancouver”

Gail Whitman

“I want to thank you for all your terrific work last week. We’d have been stuck without your help”

Mike H., West Vancouver

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