Are you ready to work with us?

Critical Success Factors. What are they?

Readiness is a pre-requisite for getting the job done, be it an entire move or house clearing, or something less ambitious like purging expired food. Use this to see if working with organizers is right for you. We will be ready when you are.

 Are you ready to forgive yourself for the mess?

It is counter-productive to beat yourself up recounting the sins of the past. Regardless of how it got there, the most important thing is that you are dealing with the clutter with the help of professionals. We will get you through the rough patches with fresh approaches and a sense of humor. We are not here to judge you, so why should you? Command that shaming voice in your head to get lost.

  Are you ready to accept the advice of those who are here to help?

When people are surrounded by their possessions, they often lack the detachment necessary for sound decision making. Good Riddance Professional Organizers bring a distinct benefit when we come to work with you: objectivity. We have no connections to your things. Therefore, we are in a unique position to counsel, and recommend options for disposal, organizing systems, distribution and storage. Even if your home currently looks like the aftermath of a cataclysmic event, those days are numbered.

Are you ready to let go of belongings that no longer are relevant to the person you are today?

Except for true minimalists, almost everyone has some degree of stuff that they have been inexplicably holding on to for dear life. For some that means decades worth of snapshots meant for scrap-booking. For others it can be drawers full of doilies and embroidered handkerchiefs. Our approach is to start with the person you are today. Over time, interests, tastes, relationships, health and priorities change. Good Riddance gives you the tools to maintain the proper balance for retaining belongings that were important from the past while making room for the items that matter today.

Are you ready to surrender unwanted possessions, regardless of their current worth, understanding that most belongings do not retain or appreciate in value over time?

Do you tend to over value your possessions? Many clients do. They remember what they paid for something long ago. When they attempt to sell it, they are shocked and disappointed when they discover the market does not share their view. After a couple of decades of use that dated loveseat has fulfilled its obligations and owes you nothing. Keeping expectations realistic prevents the de-cluttering process from bogging down. When selling isn’t possible, donation provides another avenue of distribution for excess belongings that benefits the donor (you) and the community. Part of our job is to find good homes for your unwanted possessions by ensuring that serviceable merchandise in good condition remains in circulation. Your generosity supports both individuals and charities. You gain more space for things you really want and need.

Are you ready to realize that de-cluttering and organizing takes time especially when there are decades worth of personal memorabilia to explore?

Clutter did not happen overnight. It may have taken decades (and previous generations) to get your home in the overcrowded state it is now. Under-estimating the how long it will take to de-clutter and organize is a formula for disaster. You need to devote the time and effort that is commensurate with the challenge, if you don’t want to suffer regrets later on. We provide the structure, guidance and extra pairs of hands to maintain the momentum, assigning you tasks between sessions to reduce the overall duration and cost.

Are you ready to recognize that working with an organizer is a relationship based on trust and mutual respect?

Good Riddance’s professional organizers offer a unique mixture of skill sets they apply to your project that include confidentiality, empathy and active listening in addition to organizing proficiency. We understand that de-cluttering often puts people outside of their comfort zone and we may not always agree with you on all aspects. Always let us know when or if the process is causing any difficulty.

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